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The Best $20 I Ever Spent

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Recently I started looking for a new hair stylist or barber or just someone to cut my hair. My regular lady was difficult to schedule with and in my last 2 attempts as best I can figure she blew me off. So, I started asking around about good barbers or stylists in the area and my buddy Johnny told me about this Korean establishment where he goes and you can just walk right in. They always do a good job on his hair (and his balding patterns and general cut are both similar to mine). So in I went. And as I did, I noticed the sign that says all new customers get their 1st cut for $9 bucks! So as I signed in I was sure to mention this was my first visit to their lovely establishment. In I went and as expected the stylist did quite a good job. And as our conversation continued she kept repeating the process, not so much cutting more hair but just making sure everything was just right and allowing me to relax and enjoy the moment.

At any rate, when she finally wrapped up, she walked me to the register and rang me up. Not only charging me the $9 introductory price but giving me a coupon for my next cut for only $11 (normally $15.99). This is great considering I pay $20 with my previous stylist and tip another $5. So needless to say I am coming out ahead no matter what. So as this is happening, I reflect on Jim Rohn and his talk about living big and making a difference. Tipping the shoe shine guy ten times what he would normally get for a tip and then reflecting the rest of the day that he had the best shoe shine of anyone and he paid for it with an above average tip. What makes this so compelling is that the big tip wasn’t intended to make the shoe shiners day (although I’m sure it had to have some kind of impact) but to make his own day better and improve his class in his own eyes.

So here’s my opportunity. Rather than tip the usual $5 (which I am assuming to be an above average tip for a $9 cut) I tipped $11 to make paying the $20 I originally expected to pay any way. Hopefully making an impact and making a lasting impression to the lady who did a great job cutting my hair. Even if it didn’t, it allowed the narcist in me to at least think that it did. For the $20 I fully expected to pay for a haircut, I got to hopefully make a great first impression and pay it forward to someone in a positive manner. As I reflected on how this made me feel and how proud I was of myself considering the normal tight wad in me would never have tipped more than expected, I thought about how I should have even taking it a step farther and payed a total of $25, or even more considering this was a better cut than I normally get. Either way this was a great proving ground for me to test the theory and sure enough it worked. The impact on me was quite profound and meaningful, something I reflected on throughout the day, and enough to feel inspired to write this piece. So much of my results are derived from my environment and how I react to it. If I want to make an impact on the world with my thoughts and ideas, what better place to start than with the next person I meet. Whether it be a new hairstylist, grocery bagger or my company president. What can I do to leave a meaningful impact on those I come into contact with. It not always easy or even possible for that matter, but when I have found opportunities to put these ideas to the test, I am always amazed at the result.

Happy Training

Nate G

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