The Finish Work

Creating Systems

             Now that you have refined your goals and adjusted your daily habits you can create the systems by which to live your life and reap the results of the right behavior practiced over a significant amount of time.  If you will continue to hone your craft and get really good at what you do the detailed work will show. The attention to detail will be noticed by others.  The natural beauty of what you have created will be noticed by many and desired by all who see it.  

           But the only way to get there is to put in the time.  Make the extra effort.  Look for opportunities to improve.  This may mean staying late, coming in early and doing things you don't get credit for.  As soon as you can understand this and shift your mindset, real change begins to occur.


            Complete the project.  See it through.  The last 5 % of the project always takes to longest.  More time and money than you want or expect.

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