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 Your Certificate of  Occupancy

"Accomplishing hard things helps change our attitude and attitude affects everything we do.  Do hard things for how it will make future hard things easier, doable, possible..."

Final Inspections


When everyone else begins to take notice of your hard work.  “What you have done in the dark, will be praised in the light”.  When people come to admire what you have done, you have a duty to teach others the right path to take.  How they too can achieve what they dream.  Your systems created during finish work will be admired for your attention to detail.  Ask you how you did it.


Self-reflection worksheet – what has worked, what hasn’t worked.  Best Practices. 

What are you most proud of at this point?

What is the area that you have seen the most progress?  Why?

What was your aha moment when everything began to click? 

What was your first big win?  When do you know for sure this is going to work?

What has changed?  How have you evolved?  

What is the next big scary thing to go after?  What does the next 10 years look like?

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