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EXTRAordinary Products

On the podcast, we typically ask each guest, "What's one item under $100 that you use every day and you could not live without?"  Here are some of the products they mentioned. 

We also endorse a few other products that we continue to use for years and rely on every day ourselves, so we wanted to share them with you. 

We currently do not have any direct affiliation with any of these products, but we hope in time to partner with these and a few other businesses that we love and believe in.  We hope you will try them for yourself.


Zoom Audio Recorders

Zoom your audio anywhere with our H-series line of handy audio recorders. Whether it’s film, music, broadcast, or live stream, there’s a handy recorder designed with the right mic capsules and recording capabilities you need to chase your sound.


ds medals.jpg

Dirty Spokes Trail Race Series

The premier off road race organization, Dirty Spokes Productions offers something for everyone of all ages and fitness levels, come ditch the city and get dirty!


Dirty spokes logo.jpg
body glide package.png

Body Glide

The perfect solution to protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing, irritation, and raw skin.  Personal anti-chaffing lubricant.


body glide.jpg
Maxx Eyewear.png

Maxx HD Eye Wear

The highest quality HD and polarized lenses I have ever used.  I have been rocking Maxx Eye Wear since I found their EXPO booth at m  first Ironman.  The price is insane and they warranty their product.  Incredible value!


Maxx Eyewear.png

Rapid Reboot

Rapid Reboot offers dynamic compression proven to enhance blood flow, eliminate soreness, and speed up recovery, while higher pressure options and faster cycles outperform the competition — helping you crush yours.


Rapid reboot.png

The best solution for podcast recording.  Direct source audio recording allows the listen to feel like they are in the same room.  Changing the game for virtual conversations.  Try them out with 7-Day Free Trial.



Bocca Soaps

All natural, oraganic hemp and cbd soaps.  A variety of flavors and scents.  Makes for a great gift!


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