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Leave Your Legacy

"Status cannot be claimed.  It must be earned or given."

- Adam Scott

\How to Pay it Forward

The type of person you have become in the process will now leave a legacy with your posterity.  And even if your kids don’t find the right way, You will have given the path to success for many along the way.

Pay it forward.

Leave a lasting impact on everyone you come in contact with.

The process of giving.

Having something to show for what you have done. 

Something to admire for an honest day’s work.

How do you want to be remembered? ________________________

Who are you mentoring?  ________________________________  

How many can you help?  _________________________________

How will you pay it forward? ______________________________


What legacy are you leaving?  _____________________________

What will you be remembered for the most?  ___________________

What will they say at your funeral?  __________________________

What's Next ?
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