Where to begin?  First you have to know what you want.  This is the fun part.  Where do you want to live?  How do you want to live?  Who do you want to live with?  What could you live without?  Who lives the way you want to? 

Take the first step in bringing your dreams to life..... 


Now that you have a vision for what you want, you need a good set of plans to bring it life.  There is a simple process to follow, step by step instructions.  But they take time.  Time to master, but with patience the dream begins to take form..... 


Now that you have the plans, its time to get started.  Start tearing down the old walls, removing the old carpet.  Getting rid of bad habits and negative thinking.  Beginning to create a new vision for your life.... 


Once the demo is complete and you begin replacing bad habits with positive one, Now the real construction begins.  The rough framing.  The layout of a new lifestyle that will bring about your vision.  The rough ins don't have to be perfect.  As you get started, you will make mistakes.  But they are easy to fix at this stage of construction.  Your habits can be fine tuned and molded to fit  your schedule and life demands while continuing to push you toward your end goal... 


Once you have the basic frame work done its time to re-evaluate.  Inspections.  Self Reflection.  Are you on  the right track?  What changes are needed to refine your work?  Refining your purpose will continue to clarify your goals and motivate actions toward that purpose.  Laser in your Focus. 


This is the point where you truly hone your craft.  The attention is in the details.  Now you know what you are doing so do it well because now people are paying attention.  Now people will begin to wonder how you got to this point.  Doing the little things matters the most. 


Now you are ready to move into your dream home and life.  The work has paid off and now you can admire and appreciate the work you put in.  More importantly, others will now want do the same.  Everyone will admire your craftsmanship and attention to detail.  They will want to know how you did it.   


You have achieved your dreams and through a defined process, now it is your turn to share that process with others.  Starting with those around you, this process of sharing in your success will ultimately be the most rewarding, even though many will not be willing to follow your example... 

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