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3 Habits in 30 Minutes - 30 Day Challenge

Everyone in the program will get a badge when the program ends.


Are you ready for a better life? Do you feel stuck in your day to day routine? If you are ready for change, this 30 day challenge will transform your morning, ease the stress of the day and set you on a path towards long term success. The steps are simple, small and specific. 1. Pray 2.Sweat 3. Read Sounds basic enough right? It may prove tougher than you think. Check out the episode 13 "3 Habits in 30 Minutes" for all the details. After listening to the podcast, get a dry erase marker and get started. You can also refer back to the blog post for the written version. Don't forget to download episode 62 "Morning Me Time" for your daily meditation part of this morning routine challenge.

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